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Why unions?

January 18, 2009

Obviously members of labor unions have no monopoly on skill or bravery. But it’s worth noting that virtually every person involved in the amazing salvation of 155 people from almost inevitable catastrophe in the Hudson River the other day was a union member.

Maybe there is some real merit to this strange (and increasingly un-American) idea of paying people well, providing them with some job security, and investing in their skills. I’ll bet none of the 150 passengers on that US Air flight will never again think that concessions demanded of pilots and flight attendants by their airlines might be a good idea.


Democracy comes to the AFM

December 15, 2008

99.9% of elections in AFM locals are barely news even for the members of the local. The other 0.01% happened last week in the Nashville Association of Musicians, AFM Local 257.

It was unusual enough that Local 257’s two executive officers, President Harold Bradley and Secretary-Treasurer Billy Linneman, were both defeated in their bids for re-election. Incumbents are rarely defeated when they run for re-election to local office, and Bradley had been president since 1990. More unusual is that both Bradley and Linneman were also members of the AFM’s International Executive Board, with Bradley serving as AFM International Vice-President. It’s been 25 years since a member of the IEB has lost a bid for re-election to local office. (more…)