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A kludge by any other name…

July 12, 2008

The Seattle Times is impressed by the naming of of Maria Larionoff as concertmaster of the Seattle Symphony:

A long and sometimes discordant episode at Seattle Symphony came to a close Friday when the orchestra announced that Maria Larionoff had been named sole concertmaster.

Larionoff was one of four violinists appointed to share the leadership post in 2007 after an arduous three-year search for Ilkka Talvi’s successor.

That arrangement, based on a “European model,” according to a symphony statement, violated the terms of the musicians’ collective bargaining agreement, which doesn’t allow for part-time positions. (more…)


Blogging about the AFM

July 7, 2008

My blogging energies over the past week have been devoted to covering events within the AFM. It appears that things there are converging into some kind of storm. Given the nature of the AFM, it’s very likely a far from perfect storm. If you’re interested, my AFM blog is here.

A bad day for the SSD

July 1, 2008

Laura Brownell, Director of the Symphonic Services Division for the last 3+ years, announced yesterday that she would be leaving the AFM’s employ at the end of July to work for the Society of Energy Professionals, a union of Ontario electrical generation workers based in Toronto. (more…)