It’s working!

Public funding for the Columbus Symphony is being diverted to other organizations in response to the Board’s plan to lock out the orchestra and shut down operations:

A key source of public funding is drying up for the Columbus Symphony because of the likelihood that there’ll be no 2008-09 season.

Earlier this week, the grants committee of the Greater Columbus Arts Council recommended no longer giving money to the symphony, which last year received $261,417.

“We shouldn’t be giving operational support to an organization that’s not going to be here after June 1,” said council President Bryan W. Knicely.

Nothing fails like failure, does it? Especially when it seems that’s the goal. Contrast this with Honolulu, where a first-time donor came through with a major gift in order to keep the orchestra going.

But, of course, in Honolulu the board wants to keep the orchestra going. What does the Board want in Columbus? To impose their will on the enemy – or to have an orchestra in the foreseeable future?


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