Cheerleaders for death and destruction

A story on the front page of today’s Columbus Dispatch puts a smiley face on the prospect that the Columbus Symphony may soon go bankrupt:

To provide context on the symphony crisis in Columbus, The Dispatch looked at three cities where the classical music died. Each produced a distinct resolution.

And what three cities did they pick? San Diego (which now has a healthy orchestra), Miami (which, according to the Dispatch, doesn’t really need its own orchestra), and Tulsa (which also now has an orchestra).

Gosh, maybe bankruptcy isn’t so bad after all. Of course, by the same logic, World War II wasn’t so bad either. There was a Europe before WWII, and there’s one now! Too bad about the 50 million dead people.


One Response to “Cheerleaders for death and destruction”

  1. Larry Fried Says:

    To include San Diego in this type of discussion skews things quite alot – they got a bequest (from one family) of over $100 million. I don’t mean to disparage anything that the San Diego Symphony board and staff have done to revive the Symphony but that kind of gift makes things a lot easier!

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