Some transitions

Steven Monder announced that he will retire as CEO of the Cincinnati Symphony after 31 years – which has got to be some kind of record. He received a standing ovation from the orchestra at the announcement – which I doubt means they were glad about it. They shouldn’t be – it’s as much of a seller’s market in orchestra managers these day as it is in music directors. And most of them aren’t union members – as Monder is (of both the AFM and IATSE).

Stanley Drucker will retire as principal clarinet of the New York Philharmonic after 60 years. That too has to be some kind of a record.

And Carrie Dennis, one of the principal violists of the Berlin Philharmonic, is leaving to become principal violist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. This is the first time I can recall someone leaving Berlin for an American orchestra. Berlin outranks LA in terms of prestige. But the weather – and likely the money – is better in LA.


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